You can freely download current and previous versions of our software, user manuals and language packs from this section.

When you are installing the software under Windows 7 and above, you MUST run the setup program as the Administrator, to do that, right click on the setup program you downloaded, then choose "Run as administrator".

You also need to give the software full access to the Windows system, to do that, right click on the software icon you just installed on your desktop, choose "Properties", then click the "Advanced" button, and tick the "Run as administrator" option then click the "Apply" button.


Retailman POS Downloads

Retailman Pos version 2.5

Retailman Pos version 2.1

Retailman Pos version 2.0

Retailman Pos version 1.90

Retailman Pos User Manual


EziSolution Invoicing Downloads

EziSolution Invoicing Free version 1.00

EziSolution Invoicing version 1.00

EziSolution Invoicing User Manual


Ezi Accounting Downloads

Ezi Accounting version 2.5

Ezi Accounting version 2.1.48

Ezi Accounting version 2.00

Ezi Accounting version 1.90

Ezi Accounting User Manual


Language Packs

Arabic Language Pack

YouTube Video Tutorials

1 - How to Apply Client Payments (Video)


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