Delivery Information

Products sold on this web site are digital products, which means you can download the software directly from our web site.

Once you order and pay for any product, we will send you the product key by email to unlock your copy of the software.

You must provide your company name with your purchase to allow us to issue the product key which will be based on that company name (so please make sure the company name is spelled correctly with the punctuation that you want to include in the name).

Response time depends on our resellers and the time taken to verify your payment, but can range from few minutes to few hours.

If you are happy with the trial version of the software, and wish to buy a license key, please make sure to place your order at least 24 hours before the expiry date, otherwise, some of the basic functionality of the software will stop working after expiry (however, you will not lose any of your entered data), and once the product key is received and applied, the software will work as normal with all of your entered data intact.