1 - What system requirements needed to run your programs?

2 - Can I run the programs on a Local Area Network?

3 - What optional hardware can I use with Retailman POS?

4 - How many Stock items can the programs handle?

5 - 
How do I contact you in case I need support?

6- What do I get with my purchase?

7 - Does the program license expire?

1 - What system requirements needed to run the programs?
Our software runs on any Windows 32 or 64 bit machines with the following specifications:
 - Windows 98 or higher (including windows Servers)
- 25MB of free disk space
- Pentium 3 or higher
- VGA screen with a minimum resolution of 800x600 (more is better)

 2 - Can I run the software on a Local Area Network?
Yes, but you must get the multi-user version with any number of multi-user from 2 to 99 multi-users.
The demonstration copy that you download from this site supports up to 99 muli-users and is fully functional with no disabled options.
Our software installs on one system and you just create short-cuts from the networked system pointing to the computer with the installed copy of the software.
You may need to register needed files when running from a network station, to do that, you can download the file Regdll and run it as administrator on the network station. 
For more information on network setup, see the online help

3 - What optional hardware can I use with Retailman POS
Retailman accepts a number of hardware options including:
- Touch Screens
- Barcode readers/scanners
- POS printers
- Cash Drawers
- Electronic Scales.
- Credit Card Readers
- Client Display and more.
To read the full list, see the F1-Help in the FAQ section.

4 - How many Stock items, clients and suppliers can the software handle
Our software can store hundreds of thousands of items, clients and suppliers with ease and can also store millions of transactions per year. The only practical limit is the hard disk size.

5 - What do I get with with my purchase?
Your purchase entitles you to one year of free email support, and one year of free upgrades to the latest version of the software.
If you need to upgrade to the latest version after the one year, then you need to purchase an upgrade license.
You can also buy an optional yearly Gold Support for any of our software products.

 6 - How do I get more help
You can use the on-line help which is included in the program by pressing the F1 key, otherwise, you can email us for more detailed help.

7 - Does the software license expire, and are there any additional fees that you charge?
The full product keys that we issue when you purchase the license will never expire.
We do not charge any additional fees for the same base version and the software will run for years to come.
Please note that we may initially issue a time limited key, for a period of time to ensure irrevocable final clearance of the payment, at which time a permanent key will be provided.

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